School Travel Planning

School Travel Planning (STP) is a community-based model for implementing ASRTS that systematically addresses barriers to and incentives for walking to school and strengthens local commitment to active school travel.

School Travel Planning is a proven, cost-effective way to get more kids walking and wheeling to school. And, when effectively coordinated and implemented, it results in positive travel behaviour changes with health, safety, environmental and economic benefits.

Through STP, school and community stakeholders collaborate to create and implement school-level action plans that use all of the Five E’s to:

  • address ongoing transportation and traffic safety problems; and
  • measurably increase the number of students using active and sustainable modes for all or part of the journey to school.

Keys to Success

To succeed, STP requires:

  • implementation for at least two or three years at each school
  • a trained Facilitator who works directly with the school, liaises with community stakeholders, leads data collection and analysis and guides creation and implementation of the school’s action plan.

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Getting Started

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