Ontario Active School Travel

Ontario Active School Travel is an exciting initiative launched by Green Communities Canada in January 2018. The project will boost active school travel across the province by providing funding, resources and support services for local projects.

Ontario Active School Travel Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to increase physical activity opportunities for students by supporting and expanding active school travel programs in Ontario. Green Communities Canada is soliciting applications to the Fund from communities across Ontario.

The Fund will support initiatives that are expected to have a significant and lasting impact in their communities by establishing a foundation for continuing growth in active school travel. The first round of funding starts from January 2018.

Learn more about the Ontario Active School Travel Fund and how to apply for funding.

Ontario Active School Travel Online Resources

Tools, templates, information, guidance, training, mentoring, research findings and more. All resources are hosted on this website. Key resources include:

Coming soon…

Ontario Active School Travel Council

The Council’s purpose is to guide the evolution and success of active school travel in Ontario, and build support, investments, and partnerships. Council membership, terms of reference and records of Council activities will be posted here once the Council has formed in Spring 2018.

Ontario Active School Travel Network

The Network is a free-of-charge learning group for practitioners and people involved in managing and delivering active school travel initiatives. Members of the Network have access to:

  • email groups for peer-to-peer advice and knowledge sharing
  • training, mentoring and networking opportunities
  • informative webinars
  • invitations to annual conference and other events

Ontario Active School Travel Ambassadors

Ambassadors are people who are champions for active school travel in their part of Ontario. They have hands-on experience of delivering active school travel initiatives and work to raise awareness and support knowledge-sharing amongst the stakeholders in their region. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for your region Contact Us to find out more.

About the project

Ontario Active School Travel is a project of Green Communities Canada. Thank you to the Ontario Ministry of Education for generous funding for this three-year pilot, and to the Heart & Stroke Foundation for support to establish the project. Key reference studies that informed the project development:

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