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School Travel Planning Tools

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The School Travel Planning toolkit consists of one main document-the STP Facilitator Guide-as well as numerous additional documents containing tools that are needed throughout the STP process (all shown below). We recommend reading the STP Facilitator Guide before downloading and using any of the tools/documents so that you understand when and how each tool is intended to be used in the STP process. Each tool is referenced in the STP Facilitator Guide as an Appendix, so you'll notice that each tool is identified by its appendix number from the Guide.

Production of these materials has been made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada, through the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer; and from the Public Health Agency of Canada. The views expressed herein represent the views of the "Children's Mobility, Health & Happiness: A Canadian School Travel Planning Model" project and do not necessarily represent the views of the project funders.

Step-By-Step Guidebook

  • STP Facilitator Guide (a comprehensive step-by-step description of the recommended STP process) (PDF - 199KB)

Program Set-Up Documents

  • Responsibilities of an STP Facilitator
    • STP Facilitator Job Description - (Appendix 1) (DOC - 37KB)
  • Initial Project Documents
    • Municipal Stakeholder Introductory Documents - (Appendix 2) (DOC - 120KB)
    • STP Overview - (Appendix 3) (PDF - 1.3MB)
    • STP Overview Presentation - (Appendix 4) ImageMS PowerPoint (PPT - 5.6MB) - Please download this file to desktop and view in MS PowerPoint. There are important notes which can only be viewed in that program.
  • Municipal Stakeholder Program Set-Up Forms & Agreements
    • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy - (Appendix 5) (DOC - 32KB)
    • STP & Child and Youth Friendly Planning - (Appendix 6) (DOC - 61KB)
    • Municipal STP Steering Committee Statement of Support - (Appendix 7) (DOC - 28KB)
    • Sample School Board Ethics Committee Review Submission - (Appendix 8) (DOC - 71KB)
    • Municipal STP Steering Committee Terms of Reference - (Appendix 9) (DOC - 40KB)
  • Program Set-up Forms & Agreements for Schools
  • Start of Project Communication Tools
    • School STP Committee Terms of Reference - (Appendix 12) (DOC - 43KB)
    • Project Timeline Form - (Appendix 13) (DOC - 47KB)
    • Start of Project Parent Letter and Newsletter Article - (Appendix 14) (DOC - 34KB)
  • Media Coverage Documents

Data Collection & Problem Identification Documents

Permission to adapt or modify the survey tool material will be granted on request to Guy Faulkner, Faculty of Physical Education and Health, University of Toronto ( ). The University of Toronto and Green Communities Canada must be acknowledged as the original developers of the survey tool in any publications or presentations of work that use the original or adapted survey tool.

  • Data Collection Tools
  • Data Analysis Tools
    • Classroom Hands-Up Survey Data Entry Tool - (Appendix 25) MS Excel (XLS - 271KB)
    • Classroom Hands-Up Survey Graphs and Instructions - (Appendix 26) (XLS - 26KB)
    • Family Survey Data Entry Tool - (Appendix 27) (XLS - 1.7MB)
    • Family Survey Data Entry Tool Manual - (Appendix 28) (PDF - 612KB)

Action Planning Documents

Ongoing Monitoring Documents

Community Sample Materials

  • Tip Sheet: How to Assist your Municipal STP Steering Committee to be Sustainable - (Download) (PDF - 33KB)
  • Sample Traffic/Pedestrian/Cyclist Count Forms - BC - (Download) (PDF - 1.7MB)
  • Sample Traffic/Pedestrian/Cyclist Count Summary Report - BC - (Download) (PDF - 1MB)
  • Sample Walkabout Summary Report - BC - (Download) (PDF - 596KB)
  • Sample 2010 School Travel Plan with Traffic Count Report - Surrey, BC - (Download) (PDF - 4.9MB)
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