iCANwalk to school...can you?

Schools can make a commitment to walk to school and at school more often throughout the school year by taking the iCANwalk to school…can you? pledge!

Although this activity is no longer funded, schools can continue to record their walking and active travel activities throughout the school year on our web site and, with local support, offer incentives for student participation at the end of the school year. Click here to register and create a user id and password to allow you to track progress over the year.

You can organize weekly or monthly walk to school/walk at school activities, participate in provincial walking events like International Walk to School in October, Winter Walk Day in February and Spring into Spring in April to June. Just keep track of overall participation rates and log the kilometers walked or wheeled (cycling counts too).

iCANwalk to school...can you? is a joint initiative of Green Communities Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation

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